Created to be a part of your everyday life. Its durability, lightweight materials and carryon bag allow you to bring the balls with you wherever life may take you.

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"Two is better than one" Double Lacrosse ball

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·       STURDY AND DURABLE- Created with The Work(in) quality standards built to withstand regular use over time. No need to glue lacrosse balls or use a sock. This lacrosse balls will make myofascial release to the next level without any assembly necessary. Latex- and phthalate-free

·       INCREASE BLOOD CIRCULATION AND RELASE MUSCLE TENSION- The Double Lacrosse Balls are used from physical therapists to personal trainers around the world for Trigger point therapy, acupressure, deep tissue massage and myofascial release. Great for piriformis syndrome, IT bands and spine mobility.

·       EASY TO USE- No matter if you are running triathlons or simply sitting in your desk for long periods of time. Everybody will benefit from using this balls.

·       FREE ONLINE VIDEOS- That will teach you the best ways to use your Double Happiness Lacrosse Ball.

·       TRAVEL BAG INCLUDED- The Work(in) signature nylon travel bag is included in your purchase so you can take your Double Lacrosse Ball anywhere.
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