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Includes foot pump great for Labor, Physical Therapy, and Exercise. Non-toxic anti-burst materials

 The Trainer Peanut Ball 

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·       BUILT TO LAST- Created with The Work(in) quality standards with thick anti burst materials, latex and phthalates free. So that all family member can enjoy the Trainer without any toxic emission risks.  

·       STABILITY- The trainer is uni-directional, only moving back and forth, versus multi-directional as with regular round exercise balls, providing more stability and control.

·       CHILDREN SAFE- Used by occupational therapists and teacher for sensory and reflex integration.

·       PROMOTE LABOR- Recommended by midwives and doulas to promote childbirth.

·       FREE ONLINE WORKOUT- Join our community and learn different ways to use your Trainer from core strength to sensory integration. 
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