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  1. As a non-exerciser i was very curious when i heard about this ball. I needed aomethin easy to use with great results! The core ball changed my life and the way i viewed exercise! After having a c-section three months ago my core was ruined. This core ball has strengthened my core incredibly! I got fast results and i'm sure as i keep using my core ball ill see even more results. It was so fun and the workout has really helped get my body back! I would recommend it to everyone!!!!
    Stephanie Frid
  2. After reviewing several other exercise balls, this one is the BEST! I purchased my CORE ball from The Work(in) on Amazon and the ball is very durable and excellent quality. I use it several times a week and watched how my core got lean and strong! I've never been in a better shape (not even before having kids!) Easy to use, shipment was super quick and price was great too! Overall, I'm completely satisfied with my purchase.
    Mariana A.
  3. The Premium Core Exercise Ball was just what I needed to get back in shape after baby #2! Not only did it strengthen my core and tighten my abs, it also helped me in my yoga practice and my body strength all around. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to get fit. I love it!!!
    Daniella S.
  4. I started using this ball at my physical therapy sessions for back rehabilitation and my therapist really recommended this brand. He told me I would get more out of it than just physical therapy exercises, but it could actually work for lots of general ab exercises. I have been using it every day and I cannot say enough good things about the videos they offer at their website. It is a great buy!
    Flor A.