The AWESOME Resistance Loop Bands

Your BODY will never be the same!

  • LENGHTEN AND TONE: With three different resistance you will be able to work every muscle in your body and then more. Improving balance, posture, core strength and overall stability.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY: Built to last. Every single one of our resistance bands is lab tested to ensure we're offering the highest quality strength bands for your use
  • TRAINING SUPPORT: Our resistance bands were designed to be universally helpful. That's why it can be used in conjunction with Yoga, Pilates, or training routines.
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY TOOL: Part of getting healthy is regaining lost strength due to pregnancy, injury or sickness. Our resistance bands allow you to improve different muscle groups and balance with low impact and high resistance.

  • FITNESS BONUSES: With each order of our Resistance Loop Bands you'll receive free Work(In) videos and a Wellness Guide(In); designed by celebrity trainer Janna Lozowsky.
  • PREMIUM GUARANTEE: We take pride in the quality of our balance ball, which is why if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. Return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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More about The AWESOME Resistance Loop Bands
The Awesome Resistance Loop bands were created for people ready to change the way they feel. These bands meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey to a better place. 
They are extra long and extra wide so you can use them for all your workins. 
We created 3 different resistances: 
Loop 1: 12 inches x 3 inches x 0.010 inches 
Loop 2: 12 inches x 3 inches x 0.015 inches 
Loop 3: 12 inches x 3 inches x 0.020 inches 
Features and benefits of the Awesome Resistance Loop Bands: 
Improves balance, core strength, posture and flexibility.
Lightweight, portable, and great for traveling.
Improves sports and athletic performance. Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates.
Great for all fitness levels

Use any loop band individually or multiple bands together to provide the right level of resistance for you.
PREMIUM GUARANTEE: We take pride in the quality of our loop bands, which is why if you aren't happy, we aren't happy. Return it within 30 days for a full refund
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