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 Eco Friendly. Great for backbends and stretching. Basic 12in.


The Office yoga wheel

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STRONG, BUILT TO LAST & STURDY- The Yoga Wheel was created and tested to hold up to 500lb. so you can place all your weight on it. The Yoga Wheel is there to support you.

GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS- From a simple office stretch to an advanced yogi practitioner. The Yoga Wheel will improve your balance, strengthen poses and alleviate pressure in your spine.

HELP RELIEF ANXIETY AND STRESS- By helping you improve your lung capacity and stimulate the nervous system by stretching the front line of your body. Improving your mood, giving you more energy and helping you manage stress.

ECO FRIENDLY, PVC Free, Recyclable Materials. Its lightweight and durable  materials allow you to bring the wheel with you wherever life may take you.

FREE ONLINE VIDEOS AND GUIDES- Created by Yoga Alliance Certified Michelle Kirel from basic stretches to more advanced. Become a part of our online community.
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